Snohomish County neighbors deal with more snow, icy conditions

Overnight and into Friday morning, Western Washington saw freezing temperatures.

And the cold is not going away anytime soon, more snow is headed our way.

When asking people if they love or hate this weather KIRO7 got some mixed emotions.

“It’s cold you know, I love the snow but it’s hard when you have to go to work,” said Millie Drapou, who lives in Everett.

“I kind of have mixed feelings about it. It’s kind of good for the kids, but if you’re commuting in traffic it can get pretty annoying,” said Abel Cordova, who lives in Everett.

For the most part, drivers in Everett say they’ve been able to get around.

“It’s been pretty good, you know I live on a pretty main street so we get sanded pretty early on, but side streets can get really bad, though,” said Drapou.

“Thank God we have a dependable 4X4 rig so we make it through the snow,” said Cordova.

This cold front has been especially challenging for those without electricity. Snohomish County PUD officials say crews have been working around the clock to restore everyone’s power.

“(We) got about 600 customers up, overnight, and then (Friday) we’ll be continuing to work until everybody is restored,” said Aaron Swaney, spokesperson for SCPUD.

Swaney says 80% of the outages happened in populated areas.

“For this storm was really more urban. We saw a lot more outages in the Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace area,” said Swaney.

Swaney said if you are still without power, you should call the utility company.

When it comes to staying safe, if you see downed power lines stay away, and remember do not bring generators into your home.