Snoopy and 'Peanuts' friends are back in new animated series

Snoopy and his “Peanuts” friends are back in a new animated series on Apple TV+ with the imaginative beagle taking center stage. Creators of “The Snoopy Show” stuck to the stories and the animation from the original comic strip created by cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. (Feb. 5)

Video Transcript


- It's your very own dog bed. Snoopy?


MARK EVESTAFF: In some of the animations that's been done before, there's sort of a lack of Snoopy. Certainly not in the strip, the comic strip, but in terms of his presence in animated specials, we've felt like there's a lot of opportunity to do a lot more stories, to tell a lot more stories. It's, you know, it features Snoopy and it features Woodstock and their relationship. But it wouldn't be "Peanuts" without the rest of the gang, especially Charlie Brown. So there's-- the rest of the gang is very present in every show.

JEAN SCHULZ: They're true to the comic strip and they're true to the old animation. Friendship, congeniality, forgiveness, understanding, all of those things are part of what they will bring to their animated shows. But I also think they'll bring a calmness that invades the comic strip even when the characters are tumbling head over teakettle, they still end up at the end of that little four-second panel with something redeeming.



- Ta-da!