Snow Angels In Englewood

Volunteers cleared sidewalks and other pedestrian walkways for people to get food and other supplies.

Video Transcript

- Well, you're looking at Snow Angels here. These volunteers are braving the cold to clear a path to the Englewood Free Market, a place residents can get food and essential items at no cost.

A community activist made a profound observation about this stretch of sidewalk.

- And it's a damn shame that the liquor store across the street is shoveled, but the Free Market has given out milk and given out macaroni and stuff to people that need it and it ain't shoveled, man. They should be ashamed of themselves, man. You don't pay to get the liquor store shoveled. You don't give the people what they need, so in my [INAUDIBLE] I said we're going to show up and take care of people. That's what we do.

- Look at all those shovels. Like weapons in a war to make sure Chicago's most vulnerable can get basic supplies to survive.