Snow begins falling in Washington State

Washington State could see anywhere from a few inches to over two feet of snow in different parts of the state.

Video Transcript

KIM LOEFFLER: As soon as the snow started falling in her Seattle-area neighborhood, Sue Poyner grabbed her skis and headed outside.

SUE POYNER: Today, because of the snow, I don't have to drive up to the mountains to cross-country ski. So I'm going to make a little path and see how long we can keep it for a few days.

KIM LOEFFLER: Washington State expecting anywhere from a few inches to over two feet of snow in different parts of the state.

SUE POYNER: I love the snow when it happens. So you know, most of the time, it's raining here. So when we do get our snow, it's absolutely fantastic. I love it.

KIM LOEFFLER: WashDOT officials are preparing for the snowfall ahead, with over 100 plow trucks ready to clear the roads.

JORDAN LONGACRE: We, of course, focus our attention first on some of those higher-use routes and some of the bigger interstates and freeways before we get to some of the smaller roads. But if you don't see us out there, we are. We're just trying to clear those roads as quickly as we can in the areas that are really high-use and most important.

KIM LOEFFLER: They're asking drivers to take their time on the roads and make sure they have an emergency kit prepared.

JORDAN LONGACRE: That would include water, blanket, flashlight. Anything that might help you in the event that you were stranded alongside the roads. If you see our crews and the plows out on the streets, we just ask that you give them enough space and room, both for your safety and for theirs.

KIM LOEFFLER: And while it will be a busy few days for road crews, some people say this snow is just what they needed.

SUE POYNER: We've been on lockdown, I guess it's been 12 months. So it's nice to be able to get out and have a common thing to be happy about.

KIM LOEFFLER: For AccuWeather, I'm Kim Loeffler.