Snow Being Cleared To Avoid 'Dibs'

CBS 2's Jermont Terry reports, a Chicago neighborhood and its alderman put together a creative solution to get residents more street parking and a way to avoid the dreaded 'dibs' situation.

Video Transcript

JERMONT TERRY: In the Back of the Yards community, parking after a blizzard, like in many Chicago neighborhoods, is a hot commodity.

The streets are pretty bad.

JOSE GUTIERREZ: Yeah, they're really bad.

JERMONT TERRY: That's why Jose Gutierrez is pleased to hear and see all this commotion on this block. It looks like a construction zone. But in reality, city crews and contract workers are removing all the snow piled up.

RAY LOPEZ: As you can see, we're scooping out the snow. We're not shuffling it. We're removing it out of the neighborhood.

JERMONT TERRY: Seven dump trucks have hauled away at least 75 different loads of snow on Friday alone. This method is an attempt to eliminate the need for that old Chicago tradition.

RAY LOPEZ: If it's open and clear curb to curb, you don't need dibs anymore. You don't need to fight with your neighbors anymore over he dug one out. Because, now, it's all wide open.

JERMONT TERRY: That's why Jose was quick to jump in his truck to finally move. He's limited his driving in the past week. Because the moment he leaves, there's someone quick to pull in. But this time, big equipment is right behind him ready to get rid of all that thick icy snow he's been parking over.

JOSE GUTIERREZ: It's really bad. You sometimes [? sleep and ?] [? fell ?] in there from the ice or the snow.

JERMONT TERRY: Alderman Ray Lopez tells me this effort does not come at an extra cost to taxpayers. But he knows with more snow expected this weekend, something had to be done in the 15th Ward.

RAY LOPEZ: In communities like ours, you know, African-American and Latino communities that often seem to be the last on the list, for them to be first in getting this done today, you know, it sends a very positive message, in my mind.

JERMONT TERRY: And look who pulled right back in with no problems and no snow on the curb, either.

JOSE GUTIERREZ: Right now, it's really easy.

JERMONT TERRY: Crews hauled the snow to the city-owned lots in the nearby neighborhood. Now, they will return on Saturday, and when it's all said and done, they estimate that nearly 200 truckloads of snow will end up here and off the streets. In the Back of the Yards Neighborhood, Jermont Terry, CBS 2 News.