Snow Expected To Develop By Sunday Night

Meteorologist Chris Spears has your forecast.

Video Transcript

CHRIS SPEARS: --Here at the Capitol, Justin. We can see the flag on the Capitol moving just a little bit. Little wind out there this morning. Clouds are going to increase today as your weather changes. Let's dive into it. I want to start off with the wind speed map. Looking at recent sustained wind speeds 15 to 25 miles per hour. See right down here where the arrows are coming together? That's convergence. That's where the cold front is. Wind coming together in southeastern Colorado right in the vicinity of the front that is currently moving through the state.

It's going to be colder today behind the front by 20 degrees in many cases. We're still in the 50s though, ahead of it. 30s and 20s across most of the rest of Colorado. All right, a very busy week ahead. One storm system coming through tonight. Right behind it, another one drops in by Tuesday. Right behind that, another one drops in as we wrap up the week and go into the upcoming weekend. So cool and unsettled is the main headline. 2 inches of new snow overnight in Silver Plume from Cinthea Fiss, our Weather Watcher there.

And we do have some areas of light snow continuing in the High Country. The activity will kind of decrease a little bit to mid-morning and then it comes back this afternoon as this storm system takes shape over the state. Here in the front range, we'll see some rain showers by mid-afternoon, mixing with and changing to snow sometime around sunset. And we do think it should snow most of the night here across the front range, much of the plains, and in the High Country. And this is 6:30 AM tomorrow morning. Watch how it slowly exits the state, but a lot of the snow might linger until about the noon hour on Monday.

We do have advisories and warnings. Warnings here in the pink, advisories in the purple. All of Metro Denver included in the winter weather alerts that we have in effect. Want to show you the snow total forecast here. Lightest north and east of Denver. Heaviest as you come south and west toward the terrain. We may see some double digit totals here in the foothills and to the south and Castle Rock, about 3 to 6 across the city. Lighter totals up toward Greeley and Fort Collins. Here's a statewide snow forecast. And it tells a very similar story here.

One thing I do want to point out-- we're just going to pick on Bailey for a second. You may get 13 inches of snow. But because of a little bit of initial melting and then the compaction because the snow will be having a wet, 13 may only look like 8 or 9 on your ruler. So keep that in mind. 30s today in the High Country. 40s for the northeast plains. 50s out west. And 60s in the southeast. Here's the 5-day forecast, Justin. So snow and rain developing tonight. Snow into tomorrow morning. A little bit of a break. Another system Tuesday into Wednesday.

A little bit of a break. And another system Friday into Saturday. So pretty busy weather week coming up for us here at Colorado's Weather Center.

- Well, I guess if you really like snow, you're going to get used to it right here. I'll tell you that, huh Chris?


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