Will there be snow falling soon? Here’s what local weather forecasters say you can expect

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Bring out the cozy socks and hot chocolate — the National Weather Service is anticipating cooler temperatures in the next couple of days, with a potential for a rain and snow mix.

From Sunday night until Monday, there is a possibility for both rain and snow to make an appearance in the Seattle and Tacoma area. There will be little to no impact on roads for most areas but a “light coating” on grassy surfaces might occur. It is uncertain if any snow will be accumulated.

NWS Meteorologist Justin Pullin said snow is not expected to fall in the area but cold rain will. On Monday, there is a slight possibility for both rain and snow to fall, but forecasters are not expecting any accumulations or impacts, he said.

Dry and chilly weather is expected from Saturday night until Sunday. People may wake up to 30-degree temperatures Sunday morning.

From Sunday night until Monday, both rain and snow may appear on the hilltops, areas near the Cascades, the northern Olympic Peninsula and Hood Canal. Precipitation would gradually diminish Monday night.

Rain in general and snow along the mountains are expected from Tuesday until Thursday.

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