How much snow in NYC, Tri-State

Here are the latest snowfall totals from around New York City and the Tri-State area.

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SAM CHAMPION: Yeah, that road cam looks fine, and everybody's moving fine. It's when you try to stop. That's the problem, and we all know that.

Some roads are doing really well on getting cleared. Looking across the Brooklyn Bridge, that looks good. We're looking at roads down into the city, and that looks pretty good as well. Some roads-- Columbus Avenue and Broadway-- haven't really been cleared in a little bit. So there's still some slush in those areas.

We're 27 degrees outside right now. We're kind of right in it. We've got some cold temperatures-- 19, 24, northern areas. So we're getting some steady snow through a good part of the area. But it all kind of shuts down. From here north, there's not a lot of action. And from here south, that's where all the snow is.

When this snow lifts up into these colder temperatures, it'll stack up pretty quickly. So I don't think we're really going to have to adjust our snowfall totals. Lee and I have been talking about that all night-- yeah, I kept him awake this morning as well-- and talking about it all morning long, and he'll be talking about it today.

Here's where the heavier snow is working in here, and I was checking these snowfall rates and looking at this in Monmouth County. This is three inches an hour here. This is showing up in the heavier shades of purple. And I'm using this radar so you can see the difference between the heavy snow and the light snow that's getting into northern parts of Orange County, also into Dutchess County.

Eastern end of Long Island, it's a little bit of light, but there's some mixing going on here with the heavier pockets of snow now getting all the way out east. Coastal Connecticut, you're getting your fair share of a good band of snow right now. So if you look back off to the west and know that everything that we got right now is coming from back here or came from back here, this looks much better. It looks like everything is gonna shut down.

But then look at the coastline. There's still some trailing moisture down here, and the models are still saying we get a couple of rounds of moisture through again tonight, though it's a little bit lighter, and during the day tomorrow. So we're not gonna shut this down any time soon.

I want to talk a little bit about visibility because driving isn't just about the road surface. It's about the visibility and what you can see. And we have, in blowing snow, less than a 1/4 mile visibility in some places. So be very careful if you think you have to hit the roads today. If you don't have to, just wait, because what happens tomorrow is much lighter. They'll get a chance to clear the road surfaces, and you'll be able to drive in between the pockets of snow that are going during the day tomorrow.

Let's check the modeling here. By about 1 o'clock this afternoon, we're still getting a pretty good hit of snow, a little bit of mixing with some sleet going on south of Belmar and Trenton. Now, you look at about 2:30 in the afternoon. I'm gonna stop this several times because I want you to see exactly how the day is going. We're still getting a little bit of collecting snow, and there's still about the inch an hour, two inches an hour through the area.

5:00 PM, there's still snow right through the heart of the area. But look at northern areas and southern areas. They've shut down a little bit. It's almost as if that band just wants to stay right across the city.

Now, at about 10 o'clock, this gets much lighter across the eastern parts of the area, but we're seeing something back off to the west. And that's that next round of moisture that the models keep talking about. 3:30 in the morning, we certainly have another round of snow collecting. That's waiting for you on the ground when you leave tomorrow morning. By 8 o'clock, it's lightening up a little bit. And by about noontime and on into the afternoon hours, it actually is looking better and better for the moisture shutting down there.

Leaving our totals exactly where they are, you're gonna get a little dip here because the higher elevations are going to stack up with lighter snow, just like we will through city environments with that pretty steady snow. But these areas in central New Jersey, where those snow bands were heaviest for the longest this morning, are likely to stack up a little bit more than anyone else on this event.

Hour by hour, the snow stays with us, although I think you'll see it gets a little bit lighter on the overnight and certainly during the day tomorrow. Today's our snow day, tough travel. We'll put three to five inches on the ground today. And then overnight, we'll add a little bit more, and then we'll trickle in a little bit more in those several pockets that come by during the day tomorrow until we hit our snowfall totals because it's not just a one day messup with the snow today. Today's the heaviest snow, but we'll continue to stack it up a little bit on Friday.

We'll look at the snow totals. We'll look at the snow rates. We'll tell you what's going on in your area when we come back in just a minute. David, Charlene?

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