Snow Starts Falling In Boulder

Despite the delay in the winter storm, snow started falling just around noon in Boulder.

Video Transcript

KELLY WERTHMANN: Fort Collins and Boulder are going to get the brunt of this storm. And that's where we find Michael Abeyta this afternoon.

So what are conditions like where you are, Michael?

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Well, Kelly, it's been wet here all morning. But it wasn't until just recently that what was rain has turned into snow. Now here on the Pearl Street Mall, a little weather doesn't stop people from getting out to enjoy their Saturday. This is Boulder, after all, and they're used to spring snowstorms. Our meteorologists are calling for feet of snow here, but a lot of people I talked to are skeptical that that forecast might actually come to fruition. Regardless, they're prepared for even more time at home after-- this time surrounded by snow.

- I mean, it ended up, it's probably not going to be as bad as maybe we thought it was. But we did plan ahead and we got some stuff to make soup and grilled cheeses. So we're probably just going to stay in. But we're trying to do as much outside as we can before that happens.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Now I guess we'll just have to see how that turns out. As for myself, I've got a good parking spot. I've got a blanket. I've got my camp stove. And I'll be here to tell you how this turns out, whether it's a dusting or Snowmageddon.

Live in Boulder, I'm Michael Abeyta for CBSN Denver.