Snow is still in the weekend forecast, but don’t expect a lot. Here’s the latest.

Julia Wall/
·1 min read

What snow may fall Friday night in the Triangle will be a short-lived annoyance or a quick family snapshot, but nothing requiring restocked groceries.

Forecasters said Wednesday that the chance for a wintry mix is growing greater, but the Triangle will see a fast-melting inch of snow at the most by Saturday morning.

“I don’t think anybody will have to shovel,” said Don “Big Weather” Schwenneker, ABC11 chief meteorologist. “Nobody will be sledding.”

The Triangle is heading into its third-straight weekend with snow or ice in the forecast.

But while Friday’s rain will likely turn to snow overnight, Raleigh is too far from the coast for a pileup once rain turns to snow.

With temperatures rising to the mid-30s Saturday, Schwenneker said, many might sleep through the action.

“I don’t think it will be a big deal — yet,” he said.

But casting an eye on the storm’s path north after it leaves North Carolina, he added, “I wouldn’t want to be Boston.”

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