Snowdrop Montessori School opens in Gerson Building

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Oct. 6—HAVERHILL — Snowdrop Montessori School has opened in partnership with the Coalition for a Better Acre and with support from Eastern Bank Foundation after relocating from Cambridge.

With support from these two local organizations, Snowdrop Montessori — a micro-Montessori school serving Haverhill area children ages 15 to 33 months — is creating a toddler Montessori program within the Gerson Building at 181 Washington St. that will serve as a neighborhood anchor and provide a lasting benefit to the city, officials said.

Snowdrop Montessori is initially opening its shopfront school to 10 children this fall and will remain small, growing to a two-room school serving up to 18 children. It is Haverhill's third school in the Wildflower network of teacher-led, micro, Montessori schools, joining Wisteria Montessori, founded in 2019, and Marigold Montessori, founded in 2015.

Snowdrop's Head of School is Haverhill native Nicole Randall.

Support for Snowdrop Montessori also comes from State Rep. Andy Vargas, D-Haverhill, the Eastern Bank Foundation as well as many other supporters without whom this project would not be possible, officials said.

"Early childhood education continues to be one of the most important areas of focus for an equitable and sustainable economic recovery," Vargas said. "For a long time, the early childcare sector has been in dire need of resources and expansion efforts to serve kids and families in the most critical point of child development.

"Embedding Snowdrop Montessori in this affordable housing building means we can tackle multiple issues — housing, childcare, and workforce," Vargas added. "I'm grateful to CBA, Snowdrop Montessori, Eastern Bank Foundation, and other partners who answered the call to make this innovative and promising project possible."

The Bridge Forward Fund, a new funding organization dedicated to helping address problems of social and financial inequality, was an early supporter of the project.

The early care partnership with the Coalition for a Better Acre has given Snowdrop Montessori the opportunity to move into one of Haverhill's newest buildings, the Gerson Building, while giving the building's family residents preference for attendance.

Snowdrop Montessori is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis. Snowdrop accepts state education vouchers and offers need-based scholarships. For more information, or to fill out an enrollment application, email or visit

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