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Dec. 4—The Broomfield City Council's agenda for Tuesday's regular meeting includes the creation of new zoning districts, off-street and bicycle parking requirement changes and the next steps for the now-empty 1stBANK Center.

After the council chose to end the operations contract with the event center in May, the final show was held in September, and PEAK Entertainment, which ran the center, vacated the building at the end of November.

In the May 23 council meeting, staff explained that the center has always been underused, and even at its peak has underperformed. In the 1stBANK Center's busiest year, it held less than 20% of the events it was built to host.

Tuesday the council will review a resolution that, if passed, would permit the Broomfield Urban Renewal Authority to begin searching for a contractor to demolish the building. City and county staff have not yet made estimations on the costs or possible schedule for demolition.

Also at the meeting, the council is scheduled to have its second reading of an ordinance regarding changes to the municipal code. The changes include edits to off-street parking requirements and the addition of bicycle parking requirements.

The exact number of required bicycle spaces varies based on land use, but most buildings would be required to add short-term bicycle parking in the form of bike racks. Some land, including office buildings and multifamily homes, would need to provide long-term bicycle parking. Long-term parking requires the bikes be protected from weather and given additional theft protection through a locked enclosure or a supervised indoor area.

The council is also slated to review a series of changes to open space zoning districts, with the intent of transparency around allowed uses for city-owned properties. The changes include the addition of an Open Space District, where land is used for the preservation of open space such as natural areas and pedestrian paths.

The ordinance would also create a Parks, Recreation and Open Lands District for properties dedicated to parks, recreation and other open lands. Lastly, it would modify and rename the Open Lands and Public Facilities District to the "Public Facilities District," and will dedicate land to multiple uses including municipal office buildings, libraries, police facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, open space and water reservoirs.

Regular council meetings are held most Tuesdays at 6 p.m. and can be attended in person at the George Di Ciero City and County Building or virtually at