Soaking rains move through Houston this morning

It's a wet start to your Saturday as rain falls across southeast Texas. A Flash Flood Watch continues for much of the region today.

Video Transcript

KEVIN ROTH: Good morning, everyone. I'm meteorologist, Kevin Roth. It is time for your 1 Minute Weather update, and it's going to be another busy morning here as soaking rains are moving through the area. I don't want to show live radar, because depending on when you're watching this it could be a little bit dated, but I will say that rain moving through the area right now. We'll take a look at future track, and I want to note that there's just been a flash flood warning that has been issued. Primarily, this is for Eastern Wharton County but it includes parts of Brazoria, Fort Bennett, Matagorda. This goes until 8:15 AM.

KEVIN ROTH: This is what it looks like here with future track as that rain continues across the area. Widespread, especially along and west of 45 early, but that will continue moving East. As we head into the late morning and early afternoon, we get a bit of a break, but the atmosphere just reloading for this next batch of rain. That will be moving in late afternoon and into this evening. Again, the potential for some flooding rains, and as we head into this afternoon and evening, we could see some thunderstorms as well.

KEVIN ROTH: Now, the good news with what we're seeing right now is that primarily, we're looking at a steady rain, a soaking rain, but not the kind of high rainfall rates that we saw yesterday morning in areas North and West of Houston that caused those widespread flooding issues. Still, we have to be on alert for flooding. It starts this morning. We get that break, but it continues into this evening. Gradually, as we move into Sunday, we'll be clearing out but still early Sunday, scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible overnight tonight into early Sunday. By later in the day Sunday, the rain clears out, the sun will return. But the key takeaway is, we still have that flash flood watch that goes through Sunday at 7:00 AM. They have trimmed some of those watch areas back South and East of Houston, areas like Galveston have now been removed from that watch, but our flood risk, still area wide for today. Gradually winding down into your Sunday.

KEVIN ROTH: Here's a quick look at your forecast. 80% chance of rain today. That flood watch still in effect. Sunday a 40% chance. Drying out and warming up on Monday. I've got the high at 90 degrees. That's a look at your 1 Minute Weather update. Please be safe out there on those roads. If you're under a flash flood warning, stay off the roads. Area wide, if you see flooded roadways, please do not drive through it. More people die on average every year from flooding issues than they do from tornadoes. So please, take these warnings and these advisories seriously. I'm meteorologist, Kevin Roth. That's a look at your 1 Minute Weather update.