SoCal Girl Scout sets record for cookie sales

'It's like the biggest number I've ever seen.' 8-year old Lilly Bumpus set a huge goal for herself when it came to selling Girl Scout cookies. She not only achieved her goal, she set a national record for cookie sales.

Video Transcript

- The end of a sweet chapter. OK. A San Bernardino Girl Scout has just broken the national record for the most cookies ever sold in one season. Lilly Bumpus sold more than 32,000 boxes over the past three months. Her troop held a special celebration today revealing the official total. Lilly, who is a young cancer survivor, has been in Girl Scouts for four years. And this year, she collected more than 5,000 donated boxes to be delivered to other children fighting childhood cancer. And she says cookies make people happy.

LILLY BUMPUS: I thought, wow. I never knew I could do that. And it just meant so much to me to see all that-- see that huge number. It's, like, the biggest number I've ever seen.

- Yeah, the biggest number anybody's ever seen. Since Girl Scouts couldn't set up in front of stores this year, Lilly hosted a stand outside of her own home. She says it's her dream for the proceeds to go toward childhood-cancer research.