SoCal rallies call for end to anti-Asian violence

Rallies across Southern California were held Sunday in conjunction with a nationwide effort to condemn the growing hate and violence targeting the Asian American community.

Video Transcript

- The mass shootings in Georgia that left eight people dead, six of them Asian women, nearly two weeks ago, has the community on edge.

- And now again today, local leaders and concerned citizens uniting for change. Eyewitness News reporter Leanne Suter joins us now live with the details, Leanne.

LEANNE SUTER: Yeah, that's right. More rallies today calling for an end to the increasing violence against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. There are many communities joining forces today. From Carson to downtown LA, they're making their voices heard. Just take a listen.

TOM KANG: Tan Xiaojie, Fung Daoyou.

LEANNE SUTER: This was the somber scene in Koreatown today as they read the names of the women killed in the deadly massage parlor massacres in Georgia. Now, churches across the country and 14 major US cities taking part today in prayer rallies acknowledging the pain of the AAPI community and focusing on the healing and social justice needed to move forward and to ultimately stop the hate.

TOM KANG: I think we have to acknowledge the problem. I think we have to acknowledge the fact that there is pain. I think we have to acknowledge the fact that there is hurt ans there is injustice. I think we start there first, acknowledge the truth. The light shines on the truth, and it draws away all darkness.

HYEPIN IM: To lift up, to ask for help, but also ask for solidarity, but also to shine our light, that we have contributed a lot to this country, but our history has been erased.

LEANNE SUTER: And in Carson today, a rally in front of City Hall. State and local leaders among the speakers joining forces uniting to demand change and calling for everyone to stand in solidarity with the Asian community in condemning the hate crimes and racist rhetoric. The city of Carson also says that at its Tuesday meeting they are going to make a motion to speak out against all of the growing hate and violence, to call for an end to it. Many of those within the AAPI community say they feel like their voices are finally being heard.