SoCal rallies combat anti-Asian hate crime

Rallies and outreach efforts were held across the Southland this weekend to combat a rise in hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

Video Transcript

JORY RAND: Local rallies are continuing this weekend, and they're calling for an end to the attacks we've seen on Asian Americans across this country.

COLEEN SULLIVAN: "Eyewitness News" reporter Leanne Suter is live with more on the ongoing efforts to stop the escalating attacks. Leanne?

LEANNE SUTER: Jory and Coleen, the community gathering together across Southern California today for several events speaking out about the-- against the growing violence towards Asian Americans in the country. Just take a listen.

- Love, not hate! Love, not hate!

LEANNE SUTER: Yeah, this was the scene in Diamond Bar today as more than 200 people turned out for an anti-hate rally at the intersection of Diamond Bar Boulevard and Grant Avenue. Protesters lining the streets and filling the street corners, all demanding an end to the growing anti-Asian rhetoric and violence. Now, County Supervisor Janice Hahn also taking part. She's calling for increased patrols in areas most at risk and is encouraging people to report all incidents. Organizers say the rally shows that they are all standing together in solidarity.

RONDA HAMPTON: It brings awareness and education. It also shows solidarity that, you know, I may be a Black woman, but I'm here, you know. And there are many people of different nationalities who are here.

LEANNE SUTER: At another event, this one in Garden Grove, residents turning out united against the growing violence. Many members of the Asian community say they have been quiet too long and say it is time to speak out. And also in Alhambra today, they took to the streets there, making their voices heard, calling for an end to the hate, saying together, we can accomplish so much more. Back live. Now, many in the Asian community say that the violence in Georgia, the deadly attacks there were the tipping point, saying that it is time that they unite and stand up to put an end to the violence and the hate.