SoCal ski resorts see busy weekend after winter storm

After last week's winter storm, fresh powder on Southern California's mountains is sending skiers and snowboarders flocking to the slopes.

Video Transcript

ANCHOR: Batch of fresh powder in our local mountain, sending skiers and snowboarders flocking to the slopes. Eyewitness News reporter, Leticia Juarez, spent the day at Mountain High where tickets sold out fast.

ADRIENNE MURILLO: We are here for some fresh cheese this morning.

LETICIA JUAREZ: Fresh snow had Adrienne Murillo up at 4:00 this morning to be one of the first on the slopes at Mountain High.

ADRIENNE MURILLO: They keep it open with some man made, but we got a nice dump the last few days, so it was definitely worth the trek this morning.

LETICIA JUAREZ: By sun up, the parking lot was already filling up and a line was forming outside the ticket booth prior to opening. Many here wanted to get a jump start before the traffic and crowds arrived.

STEVE ESTRADA: The traffic's a nightmare, getting up this hill is a nightmare. Just come up and have a good day, hit a few runs and go home.

GARRETT HAWKINS: Got to here about 6 o'clock to avoid everything, get front-row parking, and all

LETICIA JUAREZ: Ski resorts in Big Bear and Snow Valley also got a big helping of new snow that had skiers and boarders flocking to the area.

DICK DAVE: We enjoy them all. We go to Big Bear, we go to Brown Mountain High. We love them all.

LETICIA JUAREZ: But Scott McBride says Mountain High is one of the few places that he's allowed to use his ski bike, which is why he was out again today, hoping to get in a few runs before it got too busy.

SCOTT MCBRIDE: The lift lines, like, yesterday, in the morning, they were, like, five or ten minutes and then by the afternoon, they were, like, 45 minutes.

LETICIA JUAREZ: If you are planning a trip up to the mountains, you may want to check road conditions to make sure there's no chain requirement. And if you're coming to Mountain High, they're advising you to book your reservation online.