Social Media Influencer Kayla Nicole Agrees To Have Kids Live With Father After Divorce

Social media influencer Kayla Nicole has announced she and her husband Luhkye are divorcing. The mother of two took to her social media wanting to update fans on her marital status.

“Really don’t know how else to announce but I owe y’all the update because my marriage was public. That’s all. Moving on now. Ttyl or not,” she said in a post. “No it wasn’t the kids. They happily live with their father since our separation.”

Many fans were shocked that the couple decided to have the children live with their father. Kayla Nicole explained to her followers that their father wanted them, but she still sees them.

“We share [custody]. He just wanted to have them so I could focus and heal,” she explained.

She later told one commenter that she wants to “heal from life in general and stepping back into working,” while adding that no one cheated in the relationship. Luhkye has yet to confirm the announcement and still has photos of Kayla Nicole on his Instagram page.

Kayla Nicole and Luhkye have been together since 2019 and share two children – Messiah Kaylon Ni’Colby, born on February 1, 2021, and a daughter named Kaleesia, born in September 2022.

Support For Kayla Nicole and Other Moms

Mothers wear multiple hats and sometimes don’t receive the help they need. For instance, “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Moniece Slaughter pleaded with the father of her child, Lil’ Fizz, for assistance with their son during a reunion episode. She furiously explained to the former B2K member that “she doesn’t feel right” and needed help. However, Fizz showed no remorse, made fun of her pleas, and believed he would enable her “bullsh**.” One of their co-stars defended Slaughter, but Fizz remained unmoved.

Although Kayla Nicole didn’t go into details about her healing journey, seeing her acknowledge that she needed to heal is commendable. Often, mothers don’t feel they have the support they need during hard times. 21Ninety spoke with Doula Keshia Lockett about the importance of mothers having a visible support system. Lockett is a birth doula passionate about supporting women during their birthing period, and the founder and CEO of Empowered Black Doula.

“I really commend their entire relationship and how they are co-parenting well. He said, ‘Look, you need to heal,’ because not a lot of spouses, exes-spouses, or men understand that,” Lockett said. “A lot of them will be spiteful and bitter, but he is supporting her.”

Challenging Tradition

Traditionally, when couples divorce, children especially young children, tend to stay with the mother despite the reason for separation. Many people are beginning to realize that solution is not, one-size-fits-all.

“When it comes to women in general, just like in mental health, a lot of people are used to seeing their mother struggle. And use to seeing their mother do everything and not check in with themselves, and not care about themselves because they have all these things going on,” Lockett explained. “And far too often, that type of behavior is normalized.”

Lockett understands that being present as a mother is important, but when a mother acknowledges she’s in need, stepping back isn’t a bad option.

“A lot of people are scared to step back. They’re afraid that they’ll be forced to relinquish custody if they step back,” she said.

As a doula, Lockett provides resources to her clients if needed – counselors, medical professionals, etc. She also advises partners and families to pay attention to mothers.

“Family loves to focus on babies when they’re born, but what about the mother?” Lockett added, “I’ve seen situations where the mothers needed help, and no one would help her. If someone verbalizes that they need help, they are in a very dark space. And you should help. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be that village the mother needs.”

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