Social Media Marketing Continues to Boost Purelei Growth

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MILAN — Jewelry brand Purelei closed 2020 with revenues of 30 million euros and expects to double sales this year. Quite impressive for a company that was founded only five years ago and that has a price point ranging between 25 euros and 35 euros.

Established in Mannheim in 2016 by Alisa and Freddy Jahnke, along with Etienne Espenner, Purelei based its business on a direct-to-consumer model boosted by a successful social media and influencer marketing strategy.

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As she explained during a Zoom call, Alisa Jahnke developed the idea of launching Purelei after spending a college semester in Hawaii, where she fell in love not only with its natural beauty but also with the state’s joyful, relaxed and peaceful vibe. “Back in Germany, in 2016 I met Freddy and Etienne that had already a great experience of the world of e-commerce and we started discussing about the possibility of launching jewelry pieces inspired by that Hawaiian spirit,” said Jahnke. Four months after selling some items online with the help of influencers and Facebook ADS campaigns, the trio decided to launch the brand.

Purelei cofounder Alisa Jahnke - Credit: Courtesy of Purelei
Purelei cofounder Alisa Jahnke - Credit: Courtesy of Purelei

Courtesy of Purelei

Featuring a name that combines the concept of purity with the word “lei,” which is the iconic Hawaiian flower garland that is given as a welcome symbol or is worn on special occasions, Purelei offers easy-to-wear jewelry pieces, including a wide range of chains, earrings and bracelets reflecting trends, that are crafted in China mainly using gold plated 925 sterling steel. “Our pieces are crafted to be durable. They can be worn under the sun, in the water and the color doesn’t fade,” explained Jahnke, adding that the company constantly does audits and quality checks across the whole supply chain.

While 97 percent of the brand’s sale are made through its e-commerce, Purelei collections are also available at Amazon and Jahnke said the company might do some partnerships with retailers, such as Zalando and Douglas. “However, we are convinced to mainly stick to the direct-to-consumer model,” she said.

Purelei is also experimenting with live shopping sessions and is hosting a live event on Aug. 8 in Frankfurt to celebrate the brand’s fifth anniversary.

The company, which refreshes its offering every week with new products, reports Germany is its leading market, but it’s expanding its presence in Europe, especially in Italy and France.

Sustainability also sits at the core of the brand, which employs almost plastic-free packaging, mainly crafted from recycled paper.

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