Social media reacts to Canadian Andreescu's historic US Open victory

On Saturday, Bianca Andreescu completed her historic run at the US Open with a straight-sets victory over the legendary Serena Williams. In the process, the 19-year-old tennis phenom became the first Canadian to ever win a Grand Slam title.

Andreescu will now move up to fifth in the WTA rankings when they update on Monday, a long way from the No. 152 she began the year at.

Here’s some of the incredible reaction she’s received on social media.

The Mississauga, Ont., native had people all across the country of Canada tuning in to watch her, and after the victory, many took to social media to congratulate her trailblazing win.

Fellow Canadian champs, the Toronto Raptors, along with notable Canadian athletes Larry Walker, Bo Horvat and Genie Bouchard extended their congratulations after the match. Additionally, multi-time Olympic gold medalist Scott Moir, Raptors star Pascal Siakam, and two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash were fired up about the triumph, while 2018 Lou Marsh Trophy winner, Mikael Kingsbury, conceded the distinction of Canada’s top athlete to her for this year.

If you were quick to Andreescu’s Wikipedia page following the win, you would’ve also seen a well-placed edit somebody made.

Andreescu for Prime Minister? That sounds like a campaign I can get behind. Although she is not the current PM, the person who is, Justin Trudeau, extended his congratulations to the rising star.

Andreescu’s idol, Simona Halep, also had congratulations to offer, and with her note that Romania (where Bianca’s parents are from) is proud, it’s a relief to remember that there’s no free agency in tennis.

American legend of the sport, Billie Jean King, was also one of the many taken away by Andreescu’s unbelievable performance.

Although Andreescu apologized to the pro-Williams crowd after the contest, she has nothing to be sorry about. She made an entire nation proud, and has forever etched her name into Canadian sports history.

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