Social media comment sparks meet up of Elk Grove police chief, construction worker

In Alvin Kimbrough's line of work, he's learned a thing or two about human connection. Standing post at construction sites, he's communicating with people all the time. So when he saw a social media announcement Elk Grove Police Chief Tim Albright posted about his upcoming retirement, Kimbrough felt moved to reach out. "He had a long career. Over 30 years," Kimbrough said. "I felt that, you know, this is an individual who I'm sure has done his best to be constructive in the community." It's what Kimbrough wrote as a comment on that social media post that compelled the chief to respond. "At some point, my wife was looking through them," Albright said, in reference to the comments on his retirement announcement. "She pointed me to this comment – one of 200 or so." KCRA 3's Melanie Wingo reports.

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