SOF fighters successfully ambush Russian troops on Dnipro river

The Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told the press about a combat mission on one of the islands in Kherson Oblast and the successful destruction of a Russian boat.

Source: SOF press service

Quote: "A successful ambush on the Russian military was arranged by the operators of the SOF of Ukraine in one of the sections of the southern front.

While carrying out a reconnaissance mission, soldiers of the Special Operations Forces heard a boat moving head-on to them along the river. It turned out that it was a group of Russian soldiers. For the soldiers of the SOF, they were as in the palm of their hands.

The operators of the combat group immediately opened fire on the invaders, immediately killing  their commander and the boatman who was driving the boat; this was later confirmed by the acquired intelligence data. More details can be found in the story of a soldier of the Maritime Center of the SOF of Ukraine, who participated in the ambush."

Details: In the video released on Tuesday, the SOF operator says that his group was ordered to land on one of the Dnipro islands in Kherson Oblast, conducting a sweep and taking a combat position.

Half a day after the successful completion of the task, the SOF operators in the ambush heard the sound of the boat, made sure that it was the invaders, and opened fire to defeat it. The Russians fired a machine gun in return. Fortunately, the Ukrainian fighters were not injured.

Ukrainian soldiers took out the boatman and the commander of the Russian group with accurate shots, then hit the motor, and the enemy boat caught fire.

The boat went into the marshes, and on the second day, SOF fighters approached the damaged Russian boat and completed their mission, hitting the boat from a large-calibre machine gun.

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