SoFi Stadium hosts ribbon cutting ceremony

The NFL has confirmed a date for the 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles - an event that will showcase the new $5 billion SoFi Stadium and bring a needed boost to the local economy.

Video Transcript

- OK. Happening today, it is a big day for SoFi stadium. They're getting ready to host the first major event this weekend, the Rams in their first home game.

It's not often I'm envious of this guy, but today I am. Rob Hayes is live in Inglewood with more on this morning's ribbon cutting ceremony. How much of the stadium did you actually get to see? Or did they keep the likes of you outside?

ROB HAYES: They usually keep us outside, and that's good policy usually. But they brought us in. It is quite a sight to behold, but it has taken four years to build this thing, SoFi stadium, finally ready for some football teams. They're going to be hitting the field on Sunday. No fans in the seats, but hey, it's finished. It's time to celebrate.

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ROB HAYES: Rams owner Stan Kroenke, along with Chargers owner Dean Spanos, and Inglewood Mayor James Butts cutting the ribbon, officially ushering the SoFi stadium era. And it doesn't come cheap. The price tag for this behemoth, more than $5 billion. But it is a massive project that covers nearly 300 acres, and eventually, will include a separate concert venue, shopping center, hotel, and business offices.

Now, at the center is the stadium, of course, with its curving high-definition overhead screens and 70,000 seats. Those seats, though, won't be broken in for a while. Thanks to the pandemic, the NFL will be playing its games in empty stadiums. But excitement surrounding the NFL's biggest, shiniest, newest venue is growing.

STAN KROENKE: To have a piece of land like this that you could actually come in here, as a real estate developer like I am, and really conceive of something that could be transformative was an opportunity of a lifetime.

DEAN SPANOS: Probably the greatest venue, the greatest facility in the world. And I think as you see what happens to this facility with the peripheral development that's going on in the years to come, it will change the landscape of Inglewood and of Greater Los Angeles for, probably, the next century.

ROB HAYES: Now, the first game is Sunday, Rams versus the Cowboys. And Phillip, I'll talk to some folks in here to see if I could pull some strings to get you a sneak peek.