Sofia Vergara posted another throwback picture in Miami, and no one is complaining

Amy Sussman/Getty Images/Miami Herald file
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Nope, no complaints here.

Sofia Vergara took to Instagram to share another snap of her time living in Miami when she was modeling in her 20s, and the Internet approves.

The “Modern Family” star’s Throwback Thursday post sees her by the water wearing jeans and a halter top. The caption, “You know where, in the ‘90s.”

Yes, we do know where. We can see Miami Beach in the background.

In the comments section were plenty of fire emojis as well as compliments.

“Still stunning.”

“Beautiful lady and scenery.”

“Siempre bella (always pretty).”

Coincidentally, the 49-year-old Colombian’s next role is playing infamous 305 “queenpin” Griselda Blanco in the upcoming “Griselda” on Netflix. The movie will be reportedly partly shot in the Magic City where Blanco did some of her dirtier deeds during the height of the “Cocaine Cowboys” period.