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Solano Co. parents create classroom in their garage for kids

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They have met since August, attending virtual classes from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. five times a week. They work together, lunch together, play together, and even have PE together -- experiences their parents try to make as normal as possible in these strange times.

Video Transcript

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Broken eggs and rotting yolks on a suburban sidewalk. If you post a sign about reopening California schools in your yard it might become a target too, like Jimmy Ferrucci is here in Benicia

- And you can hide in the dark to do it, I guess, but your point will never be made because we don't know what you have to say.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Or else take education into your own home. You've heard of one room schoolhouses, here's the latest iteration, a two car garage schoolhouse converted by Jimmy and his wife Sarah out of what they describe as necessity.

- We're advocating for our children. We're standing up. We're asking for there to be an option.

- Titus, wave to me Titus. Where are you?

WAYNE FREEDMAN: The classes are taught by teachers at the Benicia Unified School district. The difference, instead of these kids being alone at home in front of computers, they're all together here.

- It's better here socializing with my friends then just being at home.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Are you learning as much this way?

- No.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: What are you learning here?

- Nothing at all.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: But since August, these sixth graders from Benicia Middle School have been here five days a week, eight AM to three PM working together, lunching together, playing together, doing holidays and PE together, experiences their parents try to make as normal as possible in these strange times.

CARLOS LARGOESPADA: I think it's absurd that we're the only state that our kids can't play sports, kids can't go to school, and it's-- the social element for them is, actually it's detrimental.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: So let me have a show of hands, how many kids in this room have been vaccinated for COVID-19? Nobody? How many kids in this room have gotten COVID-19? Show me your hands. Nobody? Granted. They're a small sample and a bit of a bubble, just one class in a garage on a street with broken egg shells out front. In Benicia Wayne Freedman, ABC 7 News.