Solar energy farm uses sheep to mow the grass

STORY: This solar farm 'mows' the lawn with some wooly workers

The farm says they got tired of wasting their own energy keeping grass trim

And that they turned to sheep as a greener and more powerful method

[Rexhep Rrudhani, Shepherd]

“They realised that mowing the lawn was very hard and they asked me whether I can bring my sheep. I said yes and I brought my sheep here. The plant’s manager gave me the water for the sheep because they have a well that is 90 meters deep. This is necessary during summer. When I do sheep shearing, I always do it here because they also provide me with free electricity. I want to thank them for everything because they are helping me a lot.”

More than 12,000 solar panels are installed at the farm

And more than 100 sheep and some goats keep the grass tidy twice a week

Plants like this will be key for Kosovo's plans to phase out coal by 2050