Soldiers of the Azov Regiment show how they destroyed a Russian ammunition depot and military equipment in the Kharkiv region


An ammunition depot, a screenshot from a video

The soldiers of the Azov special operational forces (SOF) regiment have conducted a successful special operation in the Kharkiv region, destroying Russian military equipment and an ammunition depot, and killing personnel.

Source: Azov Special Operations Forces on Telegram and Andrii Biletskyi, founder of the regiment, on Telegram

Details: According to the soldiers, the special operation was carried out in the eastern part of the village of Ternova.

Quote: "During the operation, the soldiers of the Azov Kharkiv SOF have neutralised: 2 vehicles, 2 infantry combat vehicles, a checkpoint, an ammunition depot and 7 personnel of the occupier".

Background: Earlier, soldiers of the Azov SOF published footage of how they destroyed two Russian BMP-3 (infantry combat vehicles) on the Zaporizhzhia front.

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