A somber Christmas for many American families

Christmas this year isn't the same for many families. A couple in North Carolina is doing away with a lot of their annual traditions because their two children are in quarantine. (Dec. 25)

Video Transcript

SUZANNE ROSE: I was pretty upset. I've been looking forward to Christmas. Our kids work so hard that we don't get to see them as much as we used to. So that was what, with my husband, that was our Christmas gift is to get to spend time with them. So we're putting it off. We're going to celebrate with them when they're out of quarantine.

Our son had to quarantine, and then our daughter was exposed, actually the very next day. We have to be very, very careful with this virus because we're both in a high-risk category. It's a big deal to us. So the air went out of the balloon, definitely, on this news.