Someone Found a Clip of Jaclyn Hill Finding Hair on Her Own Lipstick

Kelsey Stiegman
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Seventeen

It's been a week since Jaclyn Hill addressed accusations that her new lipsticks are moldy, expired, and covered in hair (all of which she denied) but the drama just keeps unfolding. The beauty mogul claimed that she knew nothing about the problems beforehand, but now there's some pretty damning evidence making the rounds on Twitter that suggests otherwise.

As with most vloggers, an old clip has resurfaced and fans are now dragging Jaclyn for it. The video shows her promoting a Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick before the launch, but she stops half-way through, because she notices something stuck to the product.

If you don't have your headphones in, here's what she said: “Do ‘As If’ because this is equally as nude, but it is a – oh my gosh, what is on there? Sorry, this is my personal collection I’m using right now.”

Yeah, that just happened.

It's most likely that she had already used the lipstick and something got stuck to it afterward (happens to me all the time), but fans still couldn't help but point out the irony.

Jaclyn hasn't yet addressed the clip.

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