Make Someone Smile Week: The Flower Gallery delivers flowers, smiles

Jul. 21—VALDOSTA — Spring may be long over but The Flower Gallery is determined to make something bloom, whether that would be fresh flowers or the smiles on nursing home residents' faces.

The Flower Gallery joined thousands of fellow Teleflora member florists nationwide to celebrate the 21st Annual Make Someone Smile Week by delivering surprise bouquets to recipients at the Langdale Place, the Fellowship Home and Holly Hill.

Since the inception of Make Someone Smile Week in 2000, Teleflora, a floral wire service, has donated more than 600,000 Be Happy Mugs with the signature Teleflora bouquet to participating florists.

Susan Mullis, owner of The Flower Gallery, said the florist has participated in the event for the last 14 years to spread joy throughout the community.

"It's just a wonderful way to give back. The ladies and gentlemen here love it. We enjoy doing it because the residents at all of the places are so thankful," she said.

"Sometimes, they don't get anything. They don't have a family, so it brightens their day and we're so excited to be a part of that."

The residents happened to agree. Shirley Most, a resident of the Langdale Place, said the yellow daisies brighten up the atmosphere.

"My favorite part of this week is getting these beautiful flowers. It's something pretty to look at," she said.

Fellow resident Janice Strickland said she gets great use out of the smiley cups that hold the bouquets.

"I still use my little cup from last year everyday. I use it for my flavored water and things like that, and now I got two little cups and these pretty flowers. The greenery is beautiful," she said.

Along with hand-delivering flowers to residents, The Flower Gallery puts them in the lobbies of each facility to add a welcoming touch. The dedication to the decoration was appreciated by Anne Barron, Langdale Place resident.

"I think it's such a nice thing to do; it's a sweet gesture. I remember getting these flowers last year, and I still have my cup. We like getting things like these," she said.

Mullis said The Flower Gallery will continue to work with local wholesalers and growers to secure fresh flower donations to design each surprise bouquet with teams of volunteers and deliver to local charities such as Valdosta Garden Clubs.

For more information, contact The Flower Gallery at (229) 242-1001. To find ways to participate in Make Someone Smile Week, visit