Somerville officer saves choking baby while working a detail

It’s a 911 call that no parent or guardian wants to make.

On May 18, Somerville Police got a call for a report of a choking baby and that the baby was turning blue.

Officer Thomas Lambert was on a construction detail nearby when he realized how close he was to the distressed family.

He quickly ran to the Pearl Street apartment building and found a distressed grandmother and aunt holding the baby, who wasn’t breathing.

“It’s tough when you’re put in that situation and the family doesn’t know what to do and they rely on you so you gotta just perform,” Lambert said. “The training just kicks in and you flip a switch.”

He immediately turned the baby over and started back thrusts until the baby spit up clumps of formula. Lambert continued rubbing the baby’s back until he began breathing.

“It’s a good feeling when it’s a good outcome,” Lambert said. “The family was very thankful.”

Lambert credits the extensive training he received to be able to effectively respond to situations such as this.

“In the moment I think you always revert back on your training,” he said. “You don’t really think about it, you just kind of do it.”

Despite the scary situation and the successful outcome, Lambert says he doesn’t consider himself a hero and that any officer in his shoes would’ve done the same thing.

The child was transported to a local hospital for evaluation and is expected to be okay.

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