‘Something does need to be done;’ Homeowner frustrated after cars repeatedly crash into home

A homeowner is demanding action after he said cars have crashed into his home multiple times.

Around 1:45 p.m. Tuesday, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers were called to a crash at Enon and Milton Carlisle roads.

Gary Raddy was one of the drivers involved in the crash.

Raddy told News Center 7 that he was traveling on US-40 when another car ran the stop sign, leaving him with little time to react.

He is thankful that his seatbelts and airbags stopped him from getting seriously injured.

“Might have to play the lottery tonight,” Raddy said.

He said he wasn’t sure about the condition of the other driver.

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As a result of the crash, a car ended up in Mason Wilson’s yard.

He said cars crashing into or near his home is becoming frustrating and “redundant.”

Wilson said he was mowing his yard only 20 minutes before the crash happened and worried what would have happened if he was still there.

“I said ‘well how many people got to get killed here for you get something done?” he asked.

He said he has been contacting local leaders asking them to install a light or guardrail.

Wilson added he recently had to install a new porch after a car crashed into it a couple of weeks ago.

As for the damage from this crash, Wilson said his gas line was damaged and is glad something catastrophic didn’t happen.

We are working to learn the condition of the other driver in the crash and additional details.

We will update as new details become available.