Something Good: Gus & YiaYia's Ice Ball Cart Is Back!

It's a North Side tradition! Gus & YiaYia's Ice Ball and Popcorn Cart is open for the spring and summer!

Video Transcript

- In today's Something Good, the return of a Pittsburgh tradition just in time for today's Pirates home opener.

- Yeah the timing is perfect. And if you're heading to the game, stop at Gus and YiaYia's Ice Balls Cart on the north side. Yes, it is back in business serving ice balls and popcorn from the iconic red cart. Gus's parents started the business in 1934. Gus took over in 1951, and he has been there every summer since. And I always love going over to take video of when they open up, because you get to talk to Gus, and he always has great stories.

- So here's the thing. My mom used to bring us over there when we were little, me and my sister. So she went to nursing school at CCAC and then worked at Allegheny General Hospital forever. And we lived on the north side briefly, and so she used to take us over as kids.

- So it was a childhood tradition for you.

- Yeah, so we have fond memories of stopping by Gus and YiaYia's, but I feel like everybody does. Everybody has their memories. Now he does say be patient with him as he shakes off the rust from winter hibernation. You got to get back out to scooping.

- Right, but he had a line there. And it's such a tradition. Their slogan says it all. On the north side, since your dad was a lad.