‘This is something that can save someone’s life;’ Narcan now for sale without a prescription

The life-saving drug Narcan is now being sold online and over the counter in drugstores in the Miami Valley.

The medication can reverse the effects of a drug overdose in minutes.

News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott reported during News Center 7 at 6 p.m. about how health officials said this could help our area.

“We’ve got additional availability of a live-saving drug, that can’t be a bad thing,” Chris Cook, assistant health commissioner Clark County Combined Health District said.

Having Narcan available without a prescription means people can have the medication in case they, or someone else, need immediate help.

“This little drug Narcan or Naloxone what it does is restore breathing,” Cook said.

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So far this year through April, 27 people in Clark County have died from a drug overdose.

There’s a chance Narcan could have saved them.

“This is something that can save someone’s life,” Cook.

Overdoses have been high in recent years in Clark, Cook said.

Last year in Clark County more than 60 people died from drug use and in 2021 there were nearly 80 deaths.

“If you look at the big picture numbers are way too high here in Clark County and across Ohio,” Cook said.

He believes this is a step toward decreasing overdoses in the county — state and nationwide.

Cook also said selling Narcan over the county comes at a perfect time.

“September is recovery month and this can save someone’s life and hopefully get them into that recovery, that treatment that they need to turn their life around,” he said.

Narcan should be available at your chain retailers like Walgreens or CVS.