Do Something Streak, Day 22: Mark Allen’s At-Home Core and Glute Workout

·2 min read

It's Day 22 of our Do Something Streak and Mark Allen is back with another Saturday workout--but this time there’s no swim, bike, or run in sight. In this video, you can follow along as Allen guides you through his at-home core and glute workout, exercise by exercise, rep by rep. The total workout should take about 30 minutes.

Allen said: “Simply follow along with the video below. I will take you through my bread and butter full body at-home workout that is guaranteed to up your game in all three sports. The video is slightly longer than 30 minutes because I explain each movement. But once you get it down, I think you will find it to be some of the most beneficial 30 minutes of working out you do!”

Allen said: “Triathletes spend a lot of time swimming, cycling and running. And, of course, that is a great thing to do and essential to having a positive experience in the sport. Part of what is gained from putting a lot of time doing each discipline over and over is that you become more efficient at the actual motion itself.

“That efficiency takes place by improving the neurological pathways between your brain and your muscles. You basically get more coordinated at doing them. But you only get as efficient as your biomechanics and movement patterns allow. If you are stiff, you can only open up your running stride so much. If you have weak leg muscles you can only generate so much power on the bike. And if your core is not strong it can be tough to generate force on the water swimming. Your arms need a stable platform to leverage force against so that you put pressure on the water!”

He said this workout will help “supercharge” your ability to utilize the strength in your muscles. He added: “The core and sideways stability throughout your body is what can make the difference between an athlete who looks efficient and one who can actually generate a lot of force.”

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