'Sometimes we cry' - Battle-hardened Israeli rescuer in FL

"Sometimes we cry. It's natural. We are working together. We talk every night... We share and it gives us strength," Vach, commander of the Israel Defense Forces' National Rescue Unit, said.

Vach says the Surfside collapse - which happened last Thursday and has killed at least eleven people with about 150 still missing as of Monday - is one of the most difficult and complicated he has ever seen because the floors of the 12-story condo have collapsed on top of one another, like a stack of pancakes.

The Israeli rescuers come from the Israeli Defense Forces, the country's military, including about 10 reserve officers from the Home Front Command, along with Foreign Ministry personnel, the IDF said in a statement.

More than two dozen of the missing were Jewish and had links to Israel, according to an Israeli official.

When it comes to collapsed buildings, there is a cadre of international rescue workers willing to cross borders at a moment's notice.

Many from the Miami-Dade County team have experience abroad themselves, notably during a devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010.

A Mexican rescue team is also at the Surfside disaster site. The Israelis come trained by war. The Mexicans, by natural disaster.

The cooperation reflects the international nature of the Miami area, which is home to both Jewish and Latin American diasporas.

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