Son Inspires Mother To Raise $2M For Research Into Rare, Fatal Genetic Condition

A Texas mother is on a mission to raise millions for research into a rare form of muscular dystrophy that her youngest son suffers from called L-CMD.

Video Transcript

CINDY HSU: A mother in Texas is on a mission to raise $2 million by her son's second birthday to try and save his life. One and 1/2-year-old Austin Lowe suffers from L-CMD, a rare form of muscular dystrophy. The degenerative disease causes muscles to weaken and waste over time. Austin's mother, Hannah, says L-CMD has already robbed the little boy of the ability to hold up his head, eat by mouth, sit up, or crawl.

HANNAH LOWE: Despite these limitations, Austin, who is mentally sharp, is happy and resilient and has found ways to adapt. Right, Austin? Yeah. Our family is also adapting to the new paradigm that is our life.



CINDY HSU: Statistically, children with the disease live less than 18 years. A gene therapy could help treat Austin and other kids like him, but it's most effective when children are small. And so far, one has not been developed. If you'd like to help, we have more information on Austin's fight and L-CMD 2 Before 2! campaign on our website, We'll be right back.