Sonoma Seniors Celebrate Full Vaccination With a Day on the Plaza

On this Friday business was picking up in Sonoma but it wasn't the usual crowd sipping wines and dining out. Seniors are living it up after many have spent the past year cooped up in their homes. Andrea Nakano reports. (3-26-21)

Video Transcript

- One country on the road to recovery is Friday night. Business is picking up, once again, in Sonoma County. But as KPIX 5's Andrea Nakano reports, it wasn't the usual crowd, sipping wine and dining out, tonight. Andrea?

ANDREA NAKANO: Yeah, Ken, it might be quiet here at Sonoma Plaza now. But earlier today, there was quite a party, seniors living it up after spending most of last year cooped up in their homes.

A night out with a bottle of wine and a few of your closest friends. You can see the smiles, hear the laughter, and sense the joy in their hearts to be together again.

CYNTHIA DEFORGE: My heart is so much lighter, and I feel a lot of hope.

- Hope that was delivered in the form of a vaccine.

- I'm dancing in the streets happy about the vaccinations.

- But when I got the first one, I said, oh, my God, wow. I feel so happy, you know?

- According to Sonoma County, 83% of the seniors 75 and older have been vaccinated.

TONY DISANTI: It is a sense of freedom.

I would like you to taste this. This is a vintage of my own.

It gives you a feeling of normalcy again.

- It's a trend nationwide as the largest vaccinated segment of the population is starting to dine out again.

TOM SHEEHAN: It's a world of difference. I can go out, and enjoy my friends, and see people that I haven't seen in a year.

EILEEN EHRSMANN: This is pizza from across the street. I brought a Bloody Mary. I don't know if that's illegal, but I don't care.

- Eileen Ehrsmann from Sonoma, though, says, while she, finally, is getting out with friends, she is celebrating with caution. Until more are vaccinated, she will continue to wear a mask and social distance.

- Maybe it's my age, because I know, if I get old, oh, that's it. Goodbye. I'll say to everybody, on my way up, I'll see you later.

- Aside from all of the people they get to see now, their friends, they are truly grateful to see their families, again, their sons, daughters, and their grandchildren. Ken?

- It's just so nice to see people smiling, and laughing, again, and feeling good. Andrea, thank you for that.