Sony Hackers Mock FBI: 'You Are An Idiot'

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Sony Hackers Mock FBI: 'You Are An Idiot'
Sony Hackers Mock FBI: 'You Are An Idiot'

The group behind the devstating hacking attack on Sony has apparently posted a message mocking the FBI.

"The result of investigation by FBI is so excellent that you might have seen what we were doing with your own eyes," the message posted on the file-sharing website Pastebin by a group calling itself GOP (Guardians of Peace) said.

"We congratulate you success. FBI is the BEST in the world."

The US federal agency has named North Korea as the force behind the attack on Sony, which led the company to withdraw the comedy The Interview from its Christmas Day release.

The movie is about two hapless US journalists - Seth Rogen and James Franco - and a plot to assassinate the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

The message then says: "You will find the gift for FBI at the following address" and links to a YouTube video called You Are An Idiot.

The video, which appears to have been originally uploaded in 2006, has been seen by more than half a million people.

The Sony hackers have released the contents of emails between actors, including Angelina Jolie, and industry heavyweights such as Sony co-chairwoman Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin.

They have also leaked a number of unreleased movies and the script for the latest film in the James Bond franchise.

North Korea has denied involvement in the hack and says it can prove it had nothing to do with it.

Barack Obama has called it an " act of cyber-vandalism " but said he did not consider it an act of war.