Sony hasn’t yet shown us the PlayStation 5, so fans designed their own

Chris Smith

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A Sony patent discovery about a month ago showed us what could easily be the PlayStation 5’s design. Soon after that, someone with knowledge of Sony’s PS5 plans confirmed on Twitter that the design in that patent showed a PS5 dev kit — unsurprisingly, that tweet was deleted quite quickly, but the internet never forgets. The same tech blog that found the patent went ahead and created gorgeous renders showing us what that PS5 development console might look like in real life. But Sony has yet to unveil the next-gen console’s design, and we still have a long wait ahead of us before anything is unveiled. While we wait, we may as well check out this fan-made PS5 concept, which was based on the patent design mentioned above.

Posted on YouTube channel, the video embedded at the end of this post shows us a PS5 concept that will seem familiar to anyone aware of the purported PS5 dev kit design.

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The huge “V” dominates this concept console, making it clear to anyone this is supposed to be a fifth-generation PlayStation. The “V” opening at the back also serves a secondary purpose, which might be even more important than symbolism — that’s cooling, of course. On the back, the console features several ports on each arm of the V, with additional HDMI and USB ports sitting on the front, below the disk opening.

A small display on the front delivers handy information both in landscape and portrait modes, as this console can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. The design that Sony patented featured curves on both sides, which might make it difficult to place such a device in a vertical position.

Finally, the console imagined in the video below comes in both black and white. Again, nothing is official when it comes to the PlayStation 5’s design. Assuming it doesn’t leak before Sony’s rumored February PS5 launch event, we won’t see the new PlayStation anytime soon. That said, if you want to build a machine that’s just as powerful as the upcoming PS5, you can do that yourself with off-the-shelf parts.

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