Sony, Honda roll out EV that uses Qualcomm tech

STORY: Sony’s long-awaited push into EVs arrived with ‘Afeela’

Sony will build the electric vehicle together with Honda

and use its vast entertainment content to become a player in next-generation cars

[Yashuhide Mizuno, CEO / Sony Honda Mobility]

"We also intend to provide first in class entertainment for our customers in addition to movies, games and movies. We envision a new in-cabin experience using our expertise of UX and UI technologies."

The push shows how manufacturers are focusing more on the cockpit experience in cars

which offers the potential to sell content via subscription services cars

especially as autonomous driving capabilities improve

The Afeela will use technology from hardware maker Qualcomm

Qualcomm launched a new processor, called the Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC

that handles both assisted driving and cockpit functions, including entertainment

Sony and Honda aim to deliver their first electric vehicles by early 2026 in North America