Sony reportedly had methodical plan to poison the well for the Xbox One

Brad Reed

Sony PlayStation 4 Xbox One Pricing

Sony has been very eager to capitalize on the multiple mistakes Microsoft made in rolling out the Xbox One and now a new report from IGN suggests that Sony’s plans to stick a shiv into Microsoft may have been in the works for months. Unnamed sources tell IGN that Sony decided to scrap plans to require gamers to buy a PlayStation Eye sensor long before it unveiled pricing information at E3 in June. Ditching the Kinect-like PlayStation Eye let Sony knock a full $100 off the price tag for its next-generation console. More crucially, Sony also didn’t tell any of its partners about plans for a price cut to keep Microsoft in the dark. The result was that Sony earned the good will of many gamers by offering a lower-cost console that didn’t have any of the controversial DRM restrictions that Microsoft last week removed after weeks of intense criticism.

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