Sony unveils Playstation 5, teases new games

It's a big moment for gamers.

Sony unveiled its next-generation Playstation 5 console on Friday (June 12).

Its online launch had been put back amid the protests over racial inequality in the United States.

The console and controllers get a curvy new look.

It will go on sale at the end of the year.

And to build up the hype Sony is calling on new versions of fan favourites, including Spider-man...

and the racing series Gran Turismo.

They're part of more than two dozen games unveiled Friday.

Sony promises the PS5 will sport advanced graphics, and shorter load times.

The Japanese firm hopes that will give it the edge in a market now featuring new rivals like Amazon and Google.

Analysts say its decades of gaming experience will prove tricky to replicate, even for such well-financed competitors though.

But there is still no word on the PS5's price.

That could make or break the console, especially at a time when many consumers are feeling the pinch.

Sony said it would offer two versions of the device, with and without a Blu-Ray drive.

That may be a sign it's looking to serve up a cheaper option.

The PS5 will soon face off with Microsoft's next generation of Xbox.

It’s due to launch in time for the holiday season.