Soon Ukrainian courts to start considering cases of Russia's genocide en masse Supreme Court Chairman

Ukrainian courts will soon begin considering criminal proceedings on war crimes of the Russian Federation concerning the genocide of the Ukrainian People en masse, Vsevolod Kniazev, Chairman of the Supreme Court said.

Source: Kniazev on Saturday in Lviv at the international United for Justice conference, reports Interfax-Ukraine

Quote: "Soon these cases in the courts [on genocide – ed.] will begin en masse, and we must already qualify certain actions."

Details: According to him, there are two points of view regarding the subject of this crime. According to one of them, the subject of the crime of genocide can only be the highest military-political leadership, which gave orders to destroy the nation, according to another version, it is possible to bring to justice every soldier who killed Ukrainians, being convinced that the Ukrainian nation does not exist.

"In my opinion, there are not just perpetrators or organisers of these crimes... Therefore, it will be so difficult to decide in court on the subject of these crimes... All these crimes have a very complex structure," Knyazev said.

He said that now the Ukrainian court is currently considering only one case on genocide – in one of the courts in Kyiv.

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