How to Soothe a Sore Back and Aching Knees After Spending Hours in Your Garden

Maintaining a garden is vigorous work.Spending hours hunched over yourbeds can lead to everything froma stiff neck to achy, bruised knees.A stiff neck, tight knees, and soreback are all common symptoms ofholding certain positions for too long.If you've spent a little too muchtime in the garden, circulation isthe key to feeling better quickly.Try stretching, yoga, or a hotpack to get your blood flowing.Dial up your doctor if the discomfortyou feel includes swelling, tingling,burning sensations, or numbness.If rest and stretching make symptomsworse or don't relieve symptomswithin 72 hours, call your doctor.The best way to treat an injury is toprevent it from happening, so mind yourform while you're working in the garden