Sophie Turner just had a hair makeover and you legit will not recognise her

Emma Baty

From Cosmopolitan

  • Sophie Turner just took the post–Game of Thrones transformation to the next level by getting a fringe.
  • Spoiler alert: She looks really, really good.

YOU GUYS. HELLO. I’m coming at you with an incredibly important hair update. In what appears to be a totally spontaneous move, Sophie Turner just got a FRINGE, and she looks absolutely amazing.

She’s currently doing the press tour for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, so she’s been on tons of red carpets lately, but she’s been wearing her hair in pretty much her normal style. For example, right before her wedding to Joe Jonas in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, she was wearing it down and straight. NBD.

But she stepped out of a hotel in London today rocking this look...and lemme just say...she DID THAT. This good??

Photo credit: Neil Mockford - Getty Images

Who’s got great hair? THIS GIRL.

Photo credit: Neil Mockford - Getty Images

And can we just take a minute to appreciate this suit?? THIS SUIT.

Photo credit: Neil Mockford - Getty Images

TBH, it’s totally possible this fringe is fake, like clip-ins or extensions or something, because this was Sophie literally yesterday.

Photo credit: Joe Maher - Getty Images

No bangs in sight, obviously. Again, pulling a hair transformation this major overnight is a big deal, especially while you’re in the middle of promoting a movie. IDK. So it’s possible they’re not permanent.

Oh, while we’re here, we should probably talk about the fact that Maisie Williams literally went blonde this week. Apparently that post–Game of Thrones transformation is a very! real!

If you need me I’ll be on the phone with my stylist asking if I would look good with Sophie’s exact hair! Bye!

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