'Sorry they gave me tickets and not you because you’re poor': Streamer playing game at BTS concert angers ARMY

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BTS fans took to Twitter to criticize a popular Twitch streamer for playing a mobile game during the K-pop band’s first concert in two years.

The wrath of the ARMY: The gaming streamer, known as “39daph” to her nearly 1 million followers on Twitch, received online backlash from BTS fans after a video of her playing “Cookie Run” while at the band’s concert went viral.

  • A Twitch streamer who goes by the handle “saysoamy” posted the original video on her Twitter account on Dec. 2. She tagged Daphne and replied to her own tweet stating, “Gaming waits for no one.”

  • The now-viral video has garnered nearly 278,000 views as of this writing. While some viewers found the video relatable and comical, some BTS fans were angered by the waste of a concert ticket.

  • “She got her priorities set right,” wrote one user.

  • A BTS fan replied, “Wasted the concert and ticket money for what? Could’ve played the game in the comfort of your home?”

  • “You could've given me the ticket,” another fan wrote.

  • In response to the angered BTS fans, Daphne tweeted, “Hey, I know I upset some BTS fans with the video of me playing cookie run for 10 seconds on bad connection.” She then joked, “Unfortunately, I couldn't play any longer than that but the VIP guest booth tickets were free! No money was wasted, it was all good. As far as I know, those tickets aren't sold.”

  • However, more BTS fans bombarded the streamer. One user replied, “We understand nobody would've had that seat even if you decided not to go, there is no hatred, everyone has the right to do whatever he wants. But you also need to understand that for people who still dream of going to a BTS concert and have never had the occasion to witness it, seeing that video was kind of a slap in the face. That is why some of them get mad and kind of rightfully.”

  • According to Dexerto, Daphne also flippantly addressed the issue on her Twitch stream, saying, “Sorry they gave me the tickets and not you because you’re poor.”

Featured Image via 39daph (left), @saysoamy (right)

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