Sorry, the ‘Poker Face’ Casino From Episode 1 Isn’t Real

poker face frost casino
Here's Where 'Poker Face' Actually FilmedNBC Universal

One of the most exciting moments in a watching TV comes when you realize the space a famous actor is walking through isn't a soundstage on a Hollywood lot, but an actual place you've been to before (or could visit for the first time). Part of the fun of watching shows like The White Lotus, which actually films at high-end hotels fans of the show can stay at for a hefty fee, is looking up just how expensive such a vacation would actually be.

We like knowing where shows film because it adds a layer of mystique to the real-life locations, and can give some brainstorming potential for future vacation spots, if people are so lucky to be able to afford it. Peacock's new show Poker Face, which finds Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne) at a different location on the road in each new episode, is the perfect show to find some travel inspiration for your next trip.

Lyonne's Charlie has the unique ability to tell when people are lying. It's both a gift and a curse, as she too often finds herself in the midst of a murder and (although she's not a cop), she has a need to discover the truth no matter what. In the premiere, we first meet Charlie at the Frost Casino, a seedy place run by the imposing Sterling Frost Jr. (played by Adrien Brody). On the show, the casino feels like a real place, decked out with hotel rooms and a well-stocked bar. It'd be fun to know if the show filmed in an actual casino, and if you can visit it. So, can you? We have the answer below, along with info on the show's other filming locations.

poker face frost casino
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Where is Poker Face filmed?

Poker Face filmed in multiple cities across the U.S. New York counties Ulster and Orange County, along with spots in Hudson Valley served as East Coast filming locations. Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nevada, and various places in California were also used for the show, as The Cinemaholic reports.

Is the Frost Casino in Poker Face a real place?

Sorry, no. The Frost Casino does not actually exist. It's a fictional casino and while it's possible a real casino was used for the show, Poker Face may have also created a casino for the show. Viewers won't be able to visit the place where Charlie solves her first crime.

According to Times Union, the casino appears to have been filmed in Hudson Valley, as the production needed casino dealers when they filmed in the region. The Riverside Casino in Laughlin, Nevada served as the Frost Casino's exterior, but according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Frost Casino interior was filmed on sets in upstate New York.

On Instagram, creator Rian Johnson did post a few photos from production, though, including a shot of the Frost Casino during filming.

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