Sorry, but Turns Out ‘The Bachelor’ Isn’t on Tonight After All

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Sad news: The Bachelor isn’t on tonight. Although if you desperately need a break from Bachelor Nation and simply can’t seem to turn away, then good news: The Bachelor isn’t on tonight. In fact, we have to wait an entire week for the show to come back into our lives. Why, you ask? ’Cause football.

The playoffs are tonight and ABC happens to be airing them, which means Clayton Echard has been bumped from his Monday night slot. But he’ll be back next Monday, January 24, fear not! ABC hasn’t released an episode description yet, but Reality Steve has some spoilers on what we can expect. Just emphasis on SPOILERS. Actually, lemme just:


According to Reality Steve, Sarah Hamrick gets a one-on-one date, which “took place in downtown L.A.” and involved a “bunch of challenges.” She got the rose! And we’ll also get to see a group date which is Baywatch-themed (iconic). Apparently, Gabby snagged extra time with Clayton on that one thanks to winning the challenges and got the group date rose as a result. Meanwhile, expect some continued drama between Shanae and Elizabeth coming our way.

In case you missed Clayton’s Good Morning America interview, he made it clear that he did, in fact, find love on The Bachelor, and we already know who his final three are, so head below if you’re in the mood to be spoiled. (Note: Reality Steve hasn’t reported on who actually won Clayton’s season and whether or not he’s engaged, so stay tuned for more info on that).

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