Sound Off for Nov. 28, 2021

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Just amazing

I’m still amazed at all the Sound Offs about gas prices.It is proof that you only see what you want. Gas has stabilized and several stations have dropped. Some keep screaming about some policy reversed that I don’t think they have ever seen. Gas is going up because key players cut back production because prices were falling so low during the pandemic because there was no travel except transporting goods and essential workers. Also it’s not nearly as high as it was during the W years when the average was around $3.95 to $4.50. This mindset of denying reality is frightening.

Stop the calls

When will these calls stop? I have blocked several thousand numbers from my cell and home phone, but they still continue. Today I got a robocall in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish. If I did, it no doubt would have been for an auto warranty or insurance. I report these calls on a daily basis to the Mississippi Public Service Commission. Please, someone help.

Be safe

Don’t give criminals information that says you’re not home. Putting your garbage can at the street days before pickup does exactly that. Ask a neighbor to put the can out on garbage day and put it away after pickup.

Time and date

The “Christmas in Mississippi” movie comes on Monday, Nov. 29, at 5 p.m. on the Lifetime channel.

Being thankful

This Thanksgiving, I am very thankful that President Biden will be a one-term president. Our country cannot take any more of his dismal track record, lack of leadership and pushing the liberal agenda which is not in the best interest of the American people.

Nice work

What a great story about Lela Jordan. We need more people like her to move back home to the Coast. People who have experienced the outside world. Really Tisdale? You apparently haven’t been listening to the citizen’s problems for awhile or taken them seriously.

Think it over

If Mississippi needs $2 billion to satisfy the general budget, where will it come from if the income tax is eliminated by the legislature? Have the powers in Jackson given thought to an estate tax like Florida, Texas and a few others have done? You will be amazed at how much income is available by taxing the estate values of our departed loved ones. Politicians know this and are ready to pounce on a newly found green pastures. Never forget: Politicians work in devious ways.

The governor

Another strike against Gov. Tate Reeves is the fact that he does not support Medicaid expansion for Mississippi and therefore the poor who cannot afford health insurance will continue to suffer. That’s just another reason he won’t get my vote at election time.

Look it up

Some commentators are hailing Kyle Rittenhouse as an innocent victim because the jury returned a verdict of ‘not guilty’ in his recent trial. Well, according to a precedent-setting ruling by former Chief Justice William Rehnquist, a Republican presidential appointee, a ‘not guilty’ verdict does not mean that a person is “actually innocent” but only that the jury did not find enough evidence to return a verdict of “guilty.” I know many readers will not believe this but it is a fact. Look it up.

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